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A Few Crazy Termite Facts for Your School Projects

Sometimes the most destructive, gross and treacherous creatures have the most interesting ways of doing things.  As a student you are often asked to do reports or studies on these creatures because by studying these creatures you can learn a valuable lesson on how to survive and get things done in your own life.  Termites, for example can also teach you a lot and they are definitely one of the most interesting insect’s species to do a book report on.  Here are just a few crazy termite facts.

A Few Crazy Termite Facts for Your School Projects

The termite family

They live in colonies and have a good hierarchy structure that includes nymphs which are the babies; workers that do all the destruction, soldiers that protect the nests and reproductive males and females.  You can tell the different types of family members by their size, shape and color.

They’re not really ants

Termites are mostly associated with ants.  But in truth they are a lot closer to the cockroach family thanks to their looks and their ability to survive and re-surface.

They are of the house mound

A termite home is called a mound and they can vary from small mounds to huge mounds that are as big as a two story house, only underground.  The mounds are made of soil, digested wood, mud, feces and saliva which makes it one of the strongest insect homes.

They have an alarm system

The soldiers of the hive will kick the walls of the hive when there is danger.  These kicks send vibrations through the hive and alert the entire army of the danger.   The soldiers are mostly blind but still a fierce force to reckon with.

They populate incredibly fast!

The queen of the hive can see.  She can also live up to 25 years of age and her daily routine consists of laying an egg every 15 seconds.  Yep, you read right.  She lays up to 30 000 eggs per day which is why the termite infestations are so treacherous.

Their tummies are indestructible

A baby termite will start its life on eating the feces of other termites.  As the termite grows he will get more and more bacteria and protozoa inside its belly.  By the time the termite is fully grown, there are more than 100 types of bacteria or protozoa in the termite’s belly.  The bacteria and protozoa is essential for processing wood.

They can eat your house from underneath you!

The Formosan subterranean termite is the most destructive of termite in the world. They cause billions of dollars’ worth of economic damage each and every year due to their quick ability to spawn.  They can eat your house from underneath you and cause irreparable damage to your foundation before you will even know that they are there!

The best way to exterminate termites

If a termite infestation gets into your house your property value will decrease tremendously and you will have to do proper fumigation or end up with terrible damage to your home’s construction.  Termite exterminators have several main categories of termite treatments that you can check out to get a termite infestation exterminated effectively.   These termite treatments will also prevent termites from re-colonizing for a long time.

Consider a Home Generator and Save Money While You Study

Nothing good is ever free.  The same goes for a good education.  If an education is cheap or free, it is a scam, an unaccredited organization or a waste of time.  It is important to enroll at a college or university that has good standards and that is recognized by many people because these are the institutions that will land you a good job and a good income in the future.  But good colleges do not come cheap.  The studies are expensive, any extra activities are expensive, living cost is expensive, rent is expensive and having a bit of fun on the sideline is expensive.  You can’t really cut costs when it comes to your education but you can cut costs when it comes to how you live and one of the best ways to save a bit of money is to get a generator.

Consider a Home Generator and Save Money While You Study

How a own generator will benefit you

With an own generator you can transfer most of your home to the generator so you will have power when there are blackouts.  Generators are great for living off the radar or for when you are camping.  They are also fantastic for running a mobile business because you will have power to fuel your company so you can sell goods wherever you are.  By adding solar energy to your home, you can save a lot of money on your electric bill because the generator can act as a backup for cloudy days and will help you run larger electric appliances that do not function on sun energy.

Get a portable generator

A portable generator is the best choice when you are still renting an apartment or home.  You can use your generator at the temporary home and take it along with you when you move to another city or town.  The portable generators are also terrific for camping and they are great for odd at odd locations that does not have an electric source.  To find the best portable generator for your dorm or home, you should check some portable generator comparisons.  These comparisons or reviews are great because you get to explore all the different features and qualities of all the different generators which will lead you to choosing the best one for your needs.

Remember to check your wattage

You can run surprisingly many things through your generator but some appliances require too much energy from a generator and will cause your generator to suffer or even get damaged.  It is important to monitor your wattage usage so you will know how many of which appliances you can use.  An electric furnace, for example, consumes 5000 – 25000 wattage which means when you are heating your apartment you should switch off all other appliances.  TV sets, lights, coffeemakers, hair dryers and vacuums consume far less energy which means you can run a few of these items at the same time.

Learn how to use your generator

Electricity is dangerous.  Before attempting to use any appliance or even start your generator you should do research on how to use a generator.   That way you will never risk burning out some of your appliances or your generator.

Great travel tips for students

Travelling is a fantastic thing to do for students. Experiencing other cultures and countries is something that you cannot attach a price too. If you are lucky enough to travel as a student there are a few things that will make your travels more pleasurable and a bit more convenient. First of all exploring the world is a privilege and with so much history and magnificence to discover you don’t want to run out of money during your first week or get robbed in your second. Plan ahead but not too much is what the experts say. Here are a few valuable travel tips for students.

When visiting any country abroad, take time to observe the place, the people and the environment. The best way to learn about a country and to truly live the experience is to become a part of it, don’t be afraid to try new things. It is also incredibly important to back up all your important documents like Identity documents and Passport information. You can never have too many copies of your personal documentation. There is nothing worse than being in a strange country and stranded without your passport or plane ticket. Keep copies on a flash drive and on your email so that you can at least print it out if you need to.

Great travel tips for students

Take photos and when I say photos I mean lots and lots of photos. Your best souvenirs will not be the overpriced key rings or postcards but the photographs you take during your trip. You want to be able to capture every memorable moment and experience and by snapping photos and taking videos you will be able to. Don’t hesitate to ask fellow tourists to take a picture of you in front of a landmark. Read more about taking the perfect photo.

Don’t overpay for your accommodation or flights. Your hotel or hostel should just be a comfortable base where you can sleep, eat and relax. Spend more on experiences and good food. Allow yourself one night in a fancy hotel and spend the rest of the time in hostels. The great part about staying in youth hostels is that you will meet many fellow and seasoned travelers and you might be lucky enough to get discount vouchers for shows or galleries. Where flights are concerned you should not go for the most luxurious or expensive option. Try and score cheap tickets to make it worth your while even if you have to take a stop-over flight.

Keep your health in check and invest in travel insurance. Travelling takes it out of a person and it is important to make sure you are in good condition and get enough rest. If on that odd occasion you do get a bout of food poisoning or you get hurt you want to know that you have travel insurance in place and that you will be able to get medical care to avoid ruining your holiday. Click here to read more about the importance of travel insurance.

How Politics Affects You as a Student

Very few students are clued up on politics these days.  Social media, sports, games, fashion and studies is all most students focuses on.  They only catch occasional glimpses of what is going on in the world through news feeds on their social sites but very few students actually know what is happening all around them this very moment.  It is important for you as a student to start paying attention to economics and politics because these two factors have more impact in your life than you might think.

How Politics Affects You as a Student

Politics creates the world you live in

The decisions that senators, presidents, politicians and majors make affects each and every one of us.  Even students are affected by these decisions. Political figures have a say in your curriculum standards, in the road rules you have to follow, the laws you have to abide by, the people you are allowed to marry and even in the imported food that you eat.  Their decisions are what are shaping the world you live in.

Politics keeps you safe

Political figures are constantly in arguments, negotiations and battles between one another and neighboring countries to try to create a safer environment for you to live in. Mark Dubowitz, for example is one of the biggest reasons for you to be safe from a nuclear war right now.  He is the executive director of the FDD and the leader of negotiations between Iran and America.  His work in Iran and with other politicians in Iran is what is keeping Iran from waging a full on nuclear war against America.  He is also busy with negotiations with other countries to practice sanctions against Iran in order to get them to stop building ultimately destructive weaponry like nuclear weapons.  Politicians also keep you safe in many other ways.

Politics changes the lives of those in need

When certain countries does something inhuman, politicians will combine forces, negotiate with neighboring countries and start try to change these inhuman practices by refusing to deal or do business with that country until they have changed their policies.  This method has made a major change in the lives of lots of races that were discriminated against and especially in women’s lives all over the world. Politicians also helps create awareness of those in need in their own country as well as other countries and they try to help make changes in these people’s lives.

Politics helps your country grow

A country is like an enormous business. You need to run a country properly for it to be profitable.  When a country isn’t profitable, people start to suffer because they have less job opportunities, food and resources becomes incredibly expensive and food scarcities arise.  Politicians are constantly busy with negotiations, trades and rule implications to try to get their country to grow and prosper.  They are constantly busy evaluating and monitoring their countries wealth to make sure the country is doing well.

Politics provides for the future

The government and political figures have to ensure that their people have enough resources to survive tough times like natural disasters, war’s and more.  They also have to ensure that students have the right education to ensure a bright future for the country.

Juice Your Way to a Skinnier Body for Spring Break

Do you want a great looking body for spring break?  Then it is time to give juice a try.  Student life is great for building your future but not so great for building your body since you are spending a lot of long and tedious hours in front of the desk while studying.  There isn’t much time for working out and when you are spending a lot of hours in the same space you can easily develop a snacking habit.  It is important to pay attention to your weight or you could be looking at some serious health issues such as obesity and heart conditions in just a few years to come.  A great body also improves your life because you can get around much easier and you feel much more confident about your looks which help you enjoy life so much more.  Juice diets and juice detox drinks are a definite must if you want to transform your body before the next spring break.

Juice Your Way to a Skinnier Body for Spring Break

Why homemade juice is a must?

Store bought juices contains a lot of artificial colorants, flavorings and added sugars all of which can easily increase your weight if you drink a lot of these juices.  When you make juice at home you can be much healthier since your home made juices don’t contain any sugars.  You can also use your home made juice to replace meals and drink your way to a skinnier body.

Where to get a good juicer

Making juice is hard work if you don’t have the right tools.  If you are looking for a good quality juicer that will make juice making easy and last you a long time then you should go to Eckokarma for juice reviews.  On this site you will get a full list of all of the best juicers currently on the market and they are compared so you will be guided towards the best juicer for your personal needs.

Top benefits of juicing

You can detox – When you drink detox juices you cleanse your body and remove all toxins.  This greatly reduces bloating which is terrific for losing inches quickly.  You also shrink your tummy a bit and you reset your mind and body while you get ready for a new healthier diet.

Replace meals – You can use juice to replace certain meals like breakfast or you can use juice to replace snacking which will help you lose a lot of weight since natural homemade juice contains less sugars and carbs.

Better skin – Consuming lots of fruits and raw veggies is great for your skin and for fighting off acne so you can truly shine when spring break arrives.

Improved immune system – Students are much more prone to diseases because they are exposed to so much more when they are all cluttered in the same study spaces.  Drinking juice improves your immune system so you can fight off these diseases much easier.

Boosted metabolism – The juice boosts your metabolism which will help you lose weight.

More energy – Sugar spikes energy levels for a few minutes but drains your body in the end.  When you drink juice you get a spike of energy and you don’t drain your body which means overall more energy.

Study Tips for Students in Medical University

So you want to be a doctor? Being a medical student is not easy – in fact, it’s fairly tough to study and remember all the different branches, terms, names, classifications and what not. Not to forget, it doesn’t end there – since specialization comes next. If you’re struggling to make your way through medical university, we have some tips to make the whole journey a bit easier for you.

Study Tips for Students in Medical University

Tip 1 – Be acquainted with the terms and classification:

Generally, this can be refined by paying attention to the stem of the word. Greater part of medical terms is either in Greek or Latin. Most terms can be separated into two or more word parts. Take pathogenic for instance, which signifies ‘capable of causing sickness/disease’. The root term patho-alludes to sickness and –genic alludes to creating or bringing about.

Tip 2 – Be organized:

Medical study is nearly a gigantic course of study that returns and expands on confused ideas. It is the best practice to take one general theme and rundown all its related points underneath it. Keep graphs smaller, compact and short with the goal that you would have the capacity to audit them effectively and rapidly for examination and understanding reference.

Tip 3 – Go from full to part:

Sift generally through the chapter that has been assigned to you to get a rough idea of what you will have to study. This will keep you informed about what you need to study and you will have a reasonable picture in your mind about what you need to concentrate on in that particular section.

Tip 4 – Study each and every day:

Regardless of the exams or tests, to be a decent student, you need to have good studying habits. It is extremely imperative as a medical student. Apart from computerized studying instruments (PowerPoint slides, video addresses) book reading has its own particular significance. Still on the off chance that you can’t concentrate appropriately each and every day, attempt to learn no less than a tiny bit at whatever point you can.

Tip 5 – Relate but don’t confuse:

Whenever you are examining something, attempt to center that “How this is like . . . furthermore, how this is not quite the same as . . .” Medicine is loaded with duality and have numerous illness forms which can easily get confused with each other. In case you need to remember the names of the best stethoscope for nurses, do your research and always be prepared. The trick to get through this is to relate the terms with something more natural or memorable – that way you will be able to eliminate the complication.

Tip 6 – Discuss and study in a group:

The key here is to pick your companions sensibly and to confine entirely the amount of time you study with them. Ideally you ought to do all your study without anyone else’s input, and use the time during group studying to discuss and clear any confusions you may have with your group members.

Tip 7 – Enjoy what you are doing:

If you end up getting exhausted because of excessive studying, stop and do something enjoyable. Discover a way that makes enthusiasm for your study, on the off chance that that can be by transforming study into an amusement, making study intuitive, more visual or studying interesting case studies on the internet that might be relevant.

The benefit of University Magazines

Most well-known universities have their own magazine publications that are usually shared with students. These magazines prove to be quite useful for a few reasons. Media of any form serves the purpose of being informative and provides anyone with knowledge that they might not have had previously. It seems that it has become quite popular at universities to publish their own magazines which might not always be available in print seeing that technology now gives us the benefit of reading anything on our Smart devices. Here are a few reasons why University magazines are great.

The benefit of University Magazines

Information for new students

These magazines are a great source of information for new students at any University. It is a great way for students to learn about extra-mural activities. It is great for any new student that has a passion for sports to see where the next football event will be hosted. Usually these magazines are great and serve as a welcome tool for all new students

University Club information

This will most probably not include the secret societies or clubs but university magazines offer a fantastic advertising platform for different clubs around campus. For example the chess club can recruit new members by publishing their meeting dates in the mag. The science club can also publish their needs for future projects in the magazine for example an infrared thermometer for the next experiment which in fact is a great tool to determine the external temperature of just about any surface.

An aspiring journalist’s dream

The university magazine offers all journalism students a chance to apply and work at the magazine to gain some practical experience as a journalist. This is a fantastic way to start your journalism career and you can build up a journalism portfolio in no time at all. There are many esteemed journalists that went far in life because of their humble beginnings at a school or university magazine. Click here for more info on the history of journalism.

Communication source

A university magazine is a great source of communication between societies, lecturers, students and just about anyone. The Dean can easily post messages to clients about current events and future implementations. It is just so much easier with a mass publication to reach a large audience of students. Click here to read more about the history of magazines. Students can also sell and buy unwanted items in the magazine. It can serve as a classifieds forum.

A great place for fun tidbits

There are sometimes a few funny posts in these magazines as there should be, it is for students after all. This is a great cheer up and makes the day a bit sweeter with a giggle. There can also be a few interesting articles that will assist students with their studies for example science articles and discoveries. The best part about university magazines is that they feature career information which will help students on their path of study and guide them along as they learn.

The Top 10 Best Medical Schools

Attending medical school is a challenging endeavor. But picking one can prove all the more demanding. Thankfully, we have come up with a list of the top ten best medical schools. There are two areas in which we sought to provide the information: research and primary care. You will find five schools on each list.

The Top 10 Best Medical Schools

Top 5 Medical Schools for Research

If your medical interests are research based, and you call Dove Press the best publishing company around due to your fascination with the International Journal of COPD, these schools should be exactly what you are looking for:

  1. Harvard University
  2. Stanford University
  3. Johns Hopkins University
  4. University of California- San Francisco
  5. University of Pennsylvania

Top 5 Medical Schools for Primary Care

Primary care is probably the most taxing area of healthcare since you become the first line of defense for your patients. You are responsible for initial diagnosis and recommendations for further treatments. If this is your area of interest, you should consider pursuing an education at one of these fine educational establishments:

  1. University of Washington
  2. University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill
  3. Oregon Health and Science University
  4. University of California- San Francisco
  5. University of Massachusetts- Worcester

Click this for more primary care medical school suggestions.

University of California- San Francisco

This educational institution was able to make its way onto both lists and that means it is probably worth further consideration. There were 632 students enrolled in their medical degree programs in the 2013-2014 school year and they were paying annual tuition fees of $35,696 for residents and $47,941 for non-residents.

The faculty on staff at the University of California’s San Francisco (UCSF) campus is accredited with the reason it is consistently ranked one of the best medical schools in the country. In fact, they boast the inclusion of four Nobel Laureates on their faculty. This is not to omit the 19 Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigators, 64 American Academy of Arts and Sciences members, 81 National Academy of Medicine members and 41 National Academy of Sciences members. With a faculty like that, it’s hard to be anything but the best.

The medical school’s design is focused on four facets. These four include: public service, education, patient care, and research. And, UCSF’s Medical Center is comprised of Mount Zion Hospital, Benioff Children’s Hospital and Moffit-Long Hospitals. However, the staff there has treated patients at: Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerburg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma center, Children’s Hospital Oakland, and San Francisco VA Medical Center.

Of final note, in 2015 the UCSF Medical Center opened its doors to a three hospital union focusing on the care of cancer patients, women, and children. They have had a number of additional noteworthy accomplishments as well. To get more information about UCSF read this.

While entering medical school is a worthy goal and will surely serve a beneficial purpose in the lives of those you eventually get the chance to help, it is a decision that should not be taken lightly. We have provided you with a list of medical schools to look into. And, we specifically researched the one school that landed on both our lists. You can get additional information on the best medical schools for your area of interest right here. In the meantime, don’t quit reading the Dove Press publications you so love.

Ways You Can Beat Stress As A Student

There are a lot of things that young people have that adults and old people do not. One of these things is the ability to have enough energy to do all the activities that they want. Young people do not have to deal with the type of stress that older people deal with but it does not mean that students do not get stressed. You may learn more about stress when you check out Dove Press.

Since students usually are not able to experience a lot of the problems that adults undergo, they assume that, that is how hard their lives are already going to be. They become sad over things that might be considered by adults as not so serious.

Ways You Can Beat Stress As A Student

Being serious about studying can sometimes cause you to feel stressed out. There are a lot of students who usually feel that they want to achieve something in life. They are constantly trying to prove something to the people that they love. Some of the things that may stress you out are the following:

  • You have to make sure that you are going to get high grades in order to please your parents.
  • You may have to make some adjustments so that you can get enough money to pay for your education.
  • You have to think about looming deadlines that are sometimes hard to reach especially if you have so many deadlines all at one time.

When you become too stressed out, you will feel burned out. When you feel this, you do not want to do anything anymore. There will be days when you do not want to function so you have to get rid of your stress at the soonest possible time. Some of the things you can do are the following:

  1. Allot time to exercise.

You need to exercise no matter how busy you are. Even if your brain is always working, it does not mean that your physical body is working as well. You can take daily walks or you can take the stairs instead of the elevator when you are in a shopping mall. Any form of exercise will be loved by your body.

  1. Take breaks.

Even if you want to finish all of the things that you are doing immediately, this is not always possible. While studying, you have to take breaks because it will help you function better. The breaks can be simple. It might require you to just go to the bathroom or you may have to get a snack. Small breaks can make a lot of difference in lowering your levels of stress.

  1. Sleep

There may be days when you will have a hard time sleeping because of the things that you have to do but when you have enough time, you can sleep and catch up on sleeping on days when you have nothing good to do. Do not use your electronic gadgets anymore before you sleep because this will help your brain allow you to sleep well.

With all of these things in mind, you know that you can manage your stress effectively. Can you still think of other ways by which you get get rid of your stress as a student? Feel free to share your own tips.

How to Take Good Care of Your Teeth

Do you realize that if you know how to take care of your teeth, you are sure that you are going to live a long, healthy and pain free life?  You know that you have to keep your teeth healthy because you have been taught about it in an early age. Ever since you have been in school, you were taught that you have to make an effort to clean your teeth. You can only do this if you would practice good oral hygiene.

Your busy life may be hindering you from paying attention to your teeth. If you have incorporated good habits from the very beginning, this will not be too hard for you. Even if you are a student and you may not always have enough money for all of your needs, you still need to see a professional dentist. Perhaps you can see your college dentist about it.

How to Take Good Care of Your Teeth

Do you aspire to try natural teeth whitening? This is possible if you would try to find some home remedies that you can try. These home remedies are actually effective but if you are too busy with school, you may not have the time to try everything. Research about some home remedies that are known to work. At the same time, follow these tips to help you take good care of your teeth:

  • Brush every morning and before sleeping at night.

Just imagine if you would not brush your teeth at night. All of the cavities and bacteria that accumulated on your teeth and gums throughout the day will also multiply at night. Limit the amount of bacteria that can be found on your mouth by making sure that you will brush your teeth properly especially at night. You may also brush in between meals but some dentists do not recommend this as this can make your teeth more vulnerable to bacteria.

  • Floss every day.

If you are not too bothered about the bacteria that may be stuck in between your teeth, you may not aspire to floss but remember that this is important. Your toothbrush can help but this will not be enough to clean all portions of your mouth. The leftover food, plaque and bacteria will all be available there. Just one tip to remember is to be careful when you are already flossing below your gum line. You might make your gums bleed. Once you get used to it, you will know the proper way to floss.

  • Do not forget your tongue.

A lot of love is being brought to your teeth and gums but you may not pay that much attention to your tongue. Remember that your tongue may also become a source of bacteria that will eventually transfer to your teeth. There are some tongue scrapers that can be purchased for your teeth or you may want to use a separate toothbrush for cleaning your tongue.

With all of these things in mind, you know that you can still take good care of your teeth as a student. Nothing should stop you from doing it.