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Teaching Teenagers about Doing Their Taxes

When a teenager gets their first paycheck from their part-time job, they have already taken their first step towards adulthood. This will be their opportunity to learn just how to handle their own finances and how to be wise about it. Parents can then take a step back and watch their child grow up and handle things on their own. In a way it will be a relief, meaning that they won’t be lost once their out on their own in the real world, however, there are also teenagers who want nothing to do with taxes and don’t know anything about them. How do you spread awareness in that case?

Teaching Teenagers about Doing Their Taxes

Teaching people about taxes

An excellent way of approaching such a subject would be through the teen’s peers themselves, in other words, people who are close to their age. Publishing articles about this in the student newspaper could be an excellent way of ensuring that the teenager is at least aware of what is expected of himself/herself once they get a job and becomes financially independent.

They can always rely on their parents to tell them more about how taxes work and if they need help filing their reports, but in order to spread awareness about how serious and important taxes really are, one can always rely on the student newspaper, as that will encourage and allow the teenager to learn more. Teachers can further ensure that the information being written about is accurate by checking the article before it is published. This will ensure that there are no errors and that the students won’t be misguided about such an issue. It could potentially become a problem if the students aren’t well-informed about the situation. So why take the risk?

Parents should help too

Since education begins at home, parents can further help spread awareness by talking to their teens about tax returns. They need to explain to them that it matters not whether one is a minor when it comes to paying taxes. According to the tax laws, if teenagers earn more than $5,950, they will have to pay taxes on their earnings. There are also various other rules that each and every teenager must know before they receive their first pay check.

A parent will also have to tell them about when they will have to file for an income tax and when they won’t, as there are cases when that won’t be necessary. Furthermore, there are also cases when filing won’t be necessary but beneficial, meaning that it’s okay if the teenager does not file his or her taxes because he or she doesn’t need to, but if they do choose to file them, it will be beneficial for them.

There are also certain tax forms and paperwork that your teenager needs to be aware of. Additionally, the teenagers will also need to know as to what exactly the government does with the taxes, so sit with them and teach them everything that you know will be useful for them. This is of utmost importance, as you wouldn’t want them to be completely lost in the future when it comes to taxes.

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Are Self-Managed Superannuation Funds Right for You?

Self-managed superannuation funds are a type of investment structure whereby you can actively manage where exactly your retirement savings are going to be invested. It is vital that you save enough money for retirement as you don’t want to be worrying about finances at that stage of your life. Many people do not like going to funds that work a lot on commission and fees, and instead preferring to actively manage their savings themselves. It is important not to put all of your eggs in one basket, and the SMSFs provide you the opportunity to spread your investments in a diverse range of industries and vehicles.

An SMSF are clearly a great option; however they are not for everyone. Some people don’t have the necessary knowledge or skills to be able to invest their savings themselves. It is a time consuming process when you have to search out for viable investment opportunities and your retirement savings are not something you should be taking lightly. Here is some advice that will help you decide if SMSFs are right for you.

Are Self-Managed Superannuation Funds Right for You?

SMSF Options

SMSFs are suited down to the ground for those who want to actively manage their own retirement savings. They are willing to take on the risks involved to invest their money in long term opportunities.

They are a great option for those people who are self-employed as they will not have a retirement plan that is provided to most corporate workers. This doesn’t mean if you’re not self-employed they won’t work for you, you just need to weigh up your options between the retirement savings plan that is provided for you by your employer, and your ability to choose your own investments through the form of an SMSF.

Always Consult a Professional

Before making the commitment to using a SMSF, you should talk with a professional advisor or fiduciary who will be able to walk you through the process and help you to decide if this is a good idea. Make sure that they are licensed and are experienced when it comes to dealing with SMSFs. Talking with a tax accountant is helpful as these types of funds can have large effects on your tax bill at the end of the year.

Take the Cost and Time Commitment into Consideration

While the costs that you run up during the course of managing your SMSF is often significantly less than a fund that is managed by professionals, your time is also a valuable commodity. When you place your retirement savings into the hands of a professional, that’s pretty much your job done, you let them do the rest to invest it.

On the other hand, when you are using a SMSF and are actively managing your investments, you have to spend significant time researching which are the best investment opportunities for you, how much you should invest and for how long. This process takes time that you need to be willing to put in.

Importance of Payroll Service

It goes without saying that a payroll service is of utmost importance for anyone running a business; and not only that, it is also important for the employees as well. An employer needs to keep track of exactly how much money he’s paying each and every single one of his employees and the employees also need to feel secure about the fact that they will have an accurate amount of money at the end of the month. Small mistakes may lead to the ultimate failure of the company, and no matter what, that is one thing that the business owner would want to thwart in any way possible.

Importance of Payroll Service

Outsourcing payroll vs. handling it on your own

In actuality, it all depends on the individual needs of your company. If it is a small company and you can handle doing the payroll on your own, then great! However, there are times when an employer may decide to outsource the payroll service for various reasons, such as the fact that outsourcing would provide more accurate results, higher productivity, better service, be more cost effective in the long run, or it could also simply be because there are too many employees for the owner to keep track of.

Whatever the reasons may be and whatever the method used to keep track of the payrolls, a business owner knows that it is a must. To further clarify, here are the reasons a business would want to properly keep track of their payrolls:

  • Cost: In the long run, properly doing the payrolls can save a business a lot of money, as otherwise, they will be subjected to major fines, something that will be both a hassle and an extra expense that no business wants to take on.
  • Productivity: Face it, when the employees feel safe about the fact that they will be taking back home a paycheck that they deserve at the end of the month, they will be happier and will be more likely to want to work harder and be more productive and motivated.

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Letting others know about the importance of payroll

It goes without saying that this will be an important piece of information for anyone who plans on starting their own business, and so, the best way to spread news would be through student newspapers, as they will specifically reach out to students, who may or may not want to make their mark in the field of business someday in the future.

This will be a piece of information that anyone aiming to be part of the business sector would need to know, regardless of whether or not they want to own a company in the future, as they might also be interested in the payroll services sector as well. As this is a major piece of information every business student would know, since this will soon be a topic very close to their hearts once they have ventured out into the real world.

The Importance of Bookkeeping

Anyone who owns a business or has any knowledge of the workings of a business would know just how important bookkeeping is. It is essentially the one most important thing that holds the entire business together and can easily lead to a business’s failure if not looked after properly. That is because bookkeeping basically ensures that the business owner knows exactly where the money has been spent. Bookkeeping is a means of keeping a thorough record, and if one fails to do so, it could even cost them heavy penalties during the tax season.

The Importance of Bookkeeping

Methods of bookkeeping

Many business owners prefer doing their own bookkeeping on their own, and that is only possible when there is a small business. However, imagine a huge corporations with hundreds of employees, what would an owner do then? He/she can’t possibly keep track of all the expenses in that case, which is why, a business owner would hire a professional bookkeeper to do their job for them. This method also ensures that no errors are made during the bookkeeping process, as professional bookkeepers have been trained at how to handle such matters and will be able to do a much better job than an average employee would.

Since they are better trained in this area, they are also less prone to making errors, which could be potentially costly for a business. Bookkeepers produce and file important financial reports, draft financial statements, and they also analyze the company’s financial state. Although this may just seem like addition and subtraction to many, to a business owner, this is a huge deal, as without this, a business will be in the dark about whether or not they’re meeting their financial goals and they will be unable to know if they’re making a profit or a loss.

Bookkeeping is extremely important, and in order to realize it, you will need to understand the full depth of what it really stands for. Read this article to know more

Teaching about the importance of bookkeeping

A student newspaper/magazine can be an excellent place to talk about the importance of bookkeeping, as this might be a career path that one might even be interested in, or this can even be an important and essential topic for future potential entrepreneurs. And so, spreading awareness about it amongst students is an excellent way of getting word across.

People need to know about its importance, especially people of the newer generations, as they will be the ones to carry on our legacy. Informing them about important topics as such is a start, as this ensures that they’re aware of the issue, even if they’re not acting upon it. Even if a student isn’t planning on pursuing a path of business, this will still be something interesting for them to know about, as no knowledge is bad knowledge. Even if you don’t ever need to know or deal with bookkeepers in your career path, perhaps talking about it with your friends in the business field will make you sound more intelligible and knowledgeable than you are.

The Use of Games to Help Students Learn Better

Whenever games are mentioned, a lot of kids usually feel happy about this. There are various games that are available. There are some games that can be played in person. There are also some games that can be played through game consoles and there are also games that can be played online. Definitely, there are always a lot of games that can help entertain students.

Do you know that aside from the entertainment that students may get from playing games, there are also a lot of students who tend to learn their lessons better when they play certain games? Games are not necessarily a nuisance when it comes to studies. Sometimes, they can be very helpful although it is not always evident.

The Use of Games to Help Students Learn Better

Benefits of Video Games to Students

Would you like to know the various benefits that students can get when they start playing video games? Here are just a few that you have to know:

  1. Video Games can Help Release Student’s Creativity

Since playing video games can help expose students to a lot of scenarios that will allow them to think about the next things that they should do. There are a lot of games out there that will allow children to make the effort to get to the next level. Through searching and thinking about ways on how they can emerge victorious, children learn to apply that in their studies especially when they already need it. There are even times when video games can help inspire kids to read which is of course very helpful when it comes to learning more in school. You can read up on that here.

  1. Video Games can Help People Develop Better Social Skills

There are some video games that can teach children that with more friends, they are able to achieve things faster. Their character may meet new characters when they play the video games and through the interaction, they will get to know how they should interact with other students in real life. It will be harder for students to cope if they do not have friends to talk to in school.

  1. Video Games may Help Students Exercise.

There may be some parents who will disagree with this because ever since their kids have played certain video games, they have never left their gaming area. Do remember that again, it would depend on the rules that parents will impose regarding how long playing the games should be. Aside from that, students should also play games that may be related to sports. They may be inspired to try out the new moves that their character has learned and apply it in real life. Of course, some safety measures would need to be taken if this would be done.

Generally, it will be easier for students if they would have a gaming table where they can play the games. Favorite desks chosen by gamers are always available. It is all about choosing the one that can work best for your child.

List of Canadian student newspapers

Canadian student newspapers

Student newspapers are a type of newspaper published inside of a university and is meant to allow those attending it to keep in touch with all the latest happenings. These newspapers are published by the students themselves and often feature an elaborate structure behind the paper, with each student involved performing a specific task in order to make the newspaper come off as professional as possible.

The majority of Canadian universities, even smaller ones, have their own newspaper, with some of them being famous even outside of the university. Over 50 student newspapers belong to an organization called the Canadian University Press, which allows student-journalists from different universities to help one another in order to make each student newspaper even better.

The top areas with student newspapers


University of Alberta hosts the most popular student newspaper in all of Alberta, called The Gateway. Founded way back in 1910, Gateway is one of the founding members of the Canadian University press and enjoys a circulation of 7,000 to 10,000 copies.

This student newspaper boasts a very large list of notable alumni who once worked on it, including Beverley McLachlin, current Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, Jason Kapalka, creator of the famous Bejeweled game, Don Iveson, Edmonton’s mayor, Joe Clark, former Prime Minister of Canada and Matthew Halton, a reporter known as „the voice of Canada“, to name just a few.

Other Albertan student newspapers are:

– Athabasca’s Voice Magazine
– MacEwan’s Intercamp
– Lethbridge’s Meliorist
– Mount Royal’s Reflector
– University of Calgary’s Gauntlet
– the Nugget and Weal, belonging to the Northern and Southern Albertan Institutes of Technology, respectively

British Columbia

British ColumbiaBC is home to three well-known student newspapers that have received substantial coverage over the years. The biggest of them is University of British Columbia’s Ubyssey, which is actually an independent publication despite its status as a student newspaper. The Ubyssey staff has historically taken the paper very seriously, as evidenced by their refusal to cooperate with the Alma Mater Society’s editors after the paper’s shutdown in the early 90s, which eventually saw the paper restored.continue reading here!

The other two large student newspapers are University of Victoria’s Martlet and Simon Fraser University’s Peak, which see a circulation of 8,000 and 10,000 issues, respectively. Other BC newspapers are:

– Royal Roads University’s Hatley Herald
– Douglas College’s Other Press
– Langara College’s Voice
– University of Northern British Columbia’s Over the Edge
– Capilano University’s Capilano Courier
– Camosun College’s Nexus
– University of the Fraser Valley’s Cascade
– Vancouver Island University’s Navigator
– Trinity Western University’s Mars’ Hill
– Thompson Rivers University’s Omega
– UBC Okanagan’s Phoenix
– College of New Caledonia’s CNC Ion
– University of the Fraser Valley’s Cascade

Kwantlen Polytechnic University and Selkirk College each have two different newspapers: the former has The Kwantlen Chronicle and The Runner, and the latter has The Sentinel and The Confluence.


Ontario has a truly large number of colleges and universities and therefore a very large number of student newspapers, meaning it’s difficult to single out the most popular ones. However, University of Waterloo’s Imprint, University of Toronto’s Varsity, University of Western Ontario’s Gazette and York’s Excalibur are generally considered the chief student newpapers: Varsity has a circulation of 20,000 issues, a very high number for a student newspaper.

Other Ontario student newspapers are:

– Algonquin College’s Algonquin Times
– Brock University’s Brock Press
– Canadore College’s Quest
– Carleton University’ Charlatan
– Centennial College’s Courier
– Conestoga College ‘s Spoke
– Fanshawe College’s Interrobang
– George Brown College’s Dialog
– Humber College’s Et Cetera
– Lakehead University’s Argus
– Loyalist College’s Portal Magazine Online
– McMaster University’s Silhouette
– Niagara College’s Niagara News
– St. Clair College’s Saint
– Seneca College’s Buzz
– Sheridan College’s Sheridan Sun
– University of Trinity College’s Salterrae
– University of Waterloo Engineering Society’s Iron Warrior
– University of Windsor’s Lance
– University of Western Ontario’s UWO Gazette

Ontario universitiesSeveral Ontario universities have more than one newspaper. Aside from the Varsity, University of Toronto also has Newspaper, Medium, Underground and Gargoyle. University of Guelph has Ontarion and Peak, Laurentian University has Lambda and L’Original déchaîné, University of Ottawa has Fulcrum and La Rotonde, Queen’s University has the Queen’s Journal and Golden Words, Ryerson University has the Eyeopener and the Ryersonian, Trent University has Arthur and Absynthe Magazine and Wilfrid Laurier University has the Cord and the Sputnik.


Quebec’s famous student newspapers include McGill University’s McGill Daily, Le Délit, and McGill Tribune, Concordia’s University Link and Concordian, Bishop’s University Campus. McGill – a student newspaper focusing on inequality and lack thereof – likely has the largest circulation on this list, at 11,000 an issue. Other Quebec student newspapers are:

– Cégep Régional de Lanaudière à Joliette’s Le Détour
– Dawson College’s Plant
– École polytechnique de Montréal’s Le Polyscope
– HEC Montréal’s L’Intérêt
– Université de Sherbrooke’s Le Collectif
– Université du Québec’s Le Griffonnier, Montréal Campus and Horizons Économiques
– Université Laval’s Impact Campus and La Marmite sociale

Other student newspapers

Student newspapers in other parts of Canada, aside from University of Saskatchewan’s Sheaf and University of Manitoba’s Manitoban, aren’t quite as popular or as numerous as some others, but are nonetheless maintained by a dedicated staff of student more from


– Collège Universitaire de Saint-Boniface’s Le Réveil
– Brandon University’s Quill
– St. Paul’s College’s Paulinian
– Red River College’s Projector
– University of Winnipeg’s Uniter

New Brunswick
– Université de Moncton’s Le Front
– Mount Allison University’s Argosy
– University of New Brunswick’s Brunswickan
– UNB Saint John’s Baron
– St. Thomas University’s Aquinian

Nova Scotia

Canadian student newspapers

– Acadia University’s Athenaeum
– Cape Breton University’s Caper Times
– Dalhousie University’s Dalhousie Gazette
Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture’s Golden Ram
– Dalhousie University Sexton Campus’s Sextant
– St. Francis Xavier University’s Xaverian Weekly
– Saint Mary’s University’s The Journal
– University of King’s College’s The Watch

Parts of Canada that have less universities and colleges and therefore only one or two student newspapers:

Newfoundland and Labrador: Memorial University’s Muse
Northwest: Aurora University’s Spartan
Prince Edward Island: Holland College’s Surveyor and University of Prince Edward Island’s Cadre
Saskatchewan’s other student newspaper: University of Regina’s Carillon