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Award Prizes

2013 winners in the four Gold categories will receive $1000 each.
All 2013 written and visual category winners will receive $750 each.


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The Western Magazine Awards Foundation recognizes and thanks all of its sponsors, contributors and volunteers for their enthusiastic support of all events and activities associated with the 31st Annual Western Magazine Awards in 2013.

The 2013 Western Magazine Awards will be held on Friday, June 21, 2013 at the Renaissance Vancouver Hotel Harbourside.

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20th Annual Western Magazine Awards

At the gala awards dinner and ceremony on June 20, 2002, $10,000 in prize money was awarded. We honoured the following finalists and winners (indicated in blue.) Congratulations to all!

Lifetime Achievement Award
Dan McLeod, Publisher and Editor of The Georgia Straight

Category 1 Business
presented by Transcontinental Printing
Noel Hulsman: "Respect: 10 Companies That Have it ...
10 That Don't" BCBusiness
Noel Hulsman: "TECHanthropy" BCBusiness
Alicia Priest: "Greenwashing Salmon" The Georgia Straight
Pam Withers: "I Need a Raise" BCBusiness

Category 2 Science, Technology and Medicine
presented by Strategy magazine
Ross Crockford: "Dr. Yes" Western Living
Martin Dunphy: "Beyond Mad Cow" The Georgia Straight
Candis McLean: "The Real Drug Pushers" Report
Alicia Priest: "Possible Side Effects" The Georgia Straight

Category 3 Arts, Culture and Entertainment
presented by the Canada Magazine Fund
Justin Beddall: "Signing with Sharks" Vancouver
Ron Forbes-Roberts: "Plucking the Heartstrings" Monday
Robin Laurence: "The Bogusky Mystery" The Georgia Straight
Roberta Staley: "Flex Freaks" The Georgia Straight

Category 4 Travel and Leisure
presented by the Listel Hotel
Jamie Maw: "Classic Rockies" Western Living
Daniel Wood:"Echo Valley"Beautiful British Columbia
Daniel Wood: "Ghosts in the Oases" Westworld Alberta
Daniel Wood: "Into the Thin Air of Wildflower Heaven"
Beautiful British Columbia

Category 5 Regular Column or Department
Jim Christy: "Scalawags" Nuvo
Jamie Maw: "Diner" Vancouver
Stephen Osborne:"Notes and Dispatches" Geist
Larry Short: "Investing" CGA Magazine

Category 6 Fiction
presented by the Canada Magazine Fund
Bill Gaston: "Mount Appetite" The Malahat Review
Leah Postman: "Being Famous" The Malahat Review
Michael Rottman: "Pieta" Grain
Carol Windley: "What Saffi Knows" Event

Category 7 Profile
John Burns: "Endangered People" The Georgia Straight
Cooper Langford: "The Fast Runner" Up Here
Richard Littlemore: "Glen Clark's Nemesis ... Himself?" BCBusiness
Michele Sponagle: "Soul Journey" Realm

Category 8 Human Experience
Marcello di Cintio: "Leaving Mauritania" Prism International
James MacKinnon: "El Adbustero" Vancouver
Cathy A. Ostlere: "Icarus's Sister" Event
Leslie Sheffield: "A Spring Garden" Prism International

Category 9 Public Issues
Justin Beddall: "Have You Seen These Women?" Vancouver
Ken Hegan: "Manifesto of Fun - 50 Ways to Turn Vancouver into the Fun Capital of the Universe" BCBusiness
Laurie Sarkadi: "Great Expectations" The Far North Oil and Gas Revue
Bruce Weir: "Sheltered Lives" Avenue

Category 10 Service
Karen Ashbee, Caroline Morrow, Michaelle LeManne & Amanda Ross: "Where to Find the Urban in Suburban" Avenue
Jamie Maw & Tim Pawsey: "12th Annual Restaurant Awards" Vancouver
Cathrine Wanczycki: "All the News That's Fit to Caricature" aq
Jennifer Williams: "House Calls - The Home Inspector:
Who Inspects Them?" Vancouver

Category 11 Gold Award for Best Article - Manitoba
presented by Manitoba Ministry of Culture, Heritage and Tourism
Dennis Cooley: "David Arnason in Marsh Burning and other Stories" Prairie Fire
Robert Enright: "Popeye Gonick and the Filmy Spinach of Sex" Border Crossings
Alison Gillmore: "Crying Fowl" Western Living
John Weier: "Willow Island, June" Prairie Fire

Category 12 Gold Award Best Article - Saskatchewan
presented by Saskatchewan Ministry of Culture, Youth and Recreation
Allan Casey: "Way Off Broadway" Western Living
Lionel Hughes: "Tolstoy, the Bible and Everything" Saskatchewan Naturally
J. Jill Robinson: "Andres Baby Duck and Thou" Grain
Bill Strautman: "A Lesson in Horticulture" Owl - Canadian Family

Category 13 Gold Award Best Article - Alberta/NWT
presented by Alberta Magazine Publishers Association
Cooper Langford: "The Fast Runner" Up Here
Andrew Nikiforuk: "Laying Down the Land" Alberta Venture
Charlene Rooke: "From the Ashes" Avenue
Bruce Weir: "Sheltered Lives" Avenue

Category 14 Gold Award for Best Article - BC/Yukon
presented by BC Ministry of Community, Aboriginal & Women's Services
Justin Beddall: "Have You Seen These Women?" Vancouver
Charles Montgomery: "The Blazer" Western Living
Charles Montgomery: "Psychedelic Renaissance" The Georgia Straight
Jim Sutherland: "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and
Love the Boom" Vancouver

Category 15 Best Photograph -
Architectural, Landscape or Still Life

Clinton Hussey: "Living in the Garden of Eating" Vancouver
Raeff Miles & Tobias Macdonald: "Most Memorable Meals"
WHERE Vancouver
Mark Mushet: "Silicon Village" Vancouver
Mark Mushet: "Travel BC" The Georgia Straight

Category 16 Best Photographic Feature or Series
David Campion: "City Life" Geist
Gregory Crow: "Autumn Serenade" Nuvo
Mark Gilbert: "Viva Riviera" Travel Etc.
Robert Lemermeyer: "10 Calgarians Who Give" Avenue

Category 17 Best Photograph - People and Portraiture
presented by Regis Pictures and Frames
Dina Goldstein: "Manifesto of Fun" BCBusiness
Mark Gilbert:"Tygh Runyan" FASHION magazine
Jim Labounty: "Dr. Yes" Western Living
Ron Watts: "Echo Valley" Beautiful British Columbia

Category 18 Best Illustration or Illustration Feature
Ryan Heshka: "Amazing Adventures in Realty" Vancouver
Ryan Heshka: "El Adbustero" Vancouver
Renata Liwska: "Fly the Changing Skies" Alberta Venture
Darcy Muenchrath: "Agri-Food - Taste of Tomorrow" Alberta Venture

Category 19 Best Art Direction - Article
presented by Adobe Systems Inc.
Tom Brown: "Alaska in Three Acts" Travel Etc.
Tom Brown: "San Francisco Confidential" Travel Etc.
Edison del Canto: "Neither/Or: In Conversation with Stan Douglas" BlackFlash
Randall Watson: "Loft in Space" Western Living

Category 20 Best Art Direction - Cover
presented by Rebus Creative
Doris Cheung: "White Lies" Vancouver
Edison del Canto: "Vol. 19.2" BlackFlash
Stephen Osborne, Chris Grabowsi, Patty Osborne, Dean Allen & Barbara Zatyko: "The Sweetness of Life - Vol.10, No. 42" Geist
Randall Watson: "Go Away - June 2001" Western Living

Category 21 Trade Magazine of the Year
British Columbia Medical Journal
CGA magazine
The Far North Oil & Gas Review
Reel West

Category 22 Magazine of the Year - Manitoba
The Beaver
Border Crossings
Prairie Fire

Category 23 Magazine of the Year - Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan Naturally

Category 24 Magazine of the Year - Alberta/NWT
Alberta Venture
Alberta Views
Up Here

Category 25 Magazine of the Year - BC/Yukon
presented by BC Association of Magazine Publishers
Travel Etc.

Category 26 Magazine of the Year - Western Canada
presented by Transcontinental Printing
Border Crossings