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Fitness Tips for College Students

The freshman ten can often turn into the sophomore fifteen or junior twenty. To keep the unwanted pounds off while building up your brain mass through higher level thinking, it’s important to stay fit. Unfortunately, trying to balance time between classes, cramming, and sleeping can be quite the challenge.

Your high school senior picture doesn’t have to be the “you” that you reminisce about. You can maintain your weight and muscle while attaining your desired GPA. Yes, it will take a little work and dedication but since you made it this far you should be able to handle it. If health and wellness is just as important as that degree, you’ll look just as good walking the college graduation stage as you did on your high school one. Only this time you’ll know a lot more.

Fitness Tips for College Students

Staying Healthy

While the school cafeteria meal plan might be included in your scholarship (or prepay set-up) you should be very conscientious of what you put in your mouth. Walking across campus, climbing the stairs, and pacing in the quad might be burning a decent amount of calories, but all-nighters at Denny’s are countering the effects.

Nutrition should be important to you. You’re not getting any younger and though you still feel 17 (and maybe some of you are) your body’s need for nutrients is only on the rise. Here are some great tips for maintaining a healthy diet, which is essential to your overall fitness:

  • Choose snacks that have been portion controlled. That will eliminate the proclivity (it’s a word you’ll learn in college) toward eating whole bags of chips.
  • Drink lots of water. Dehydration can have some very serious side effects. Read about them here.
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol. We know you’re young and want to have a good time but you don’t have to get trashed to do that. Besides there are a lot of calories in alcohol (and it will increase your potential to do stupid things).
  • Eat fruits and vegetables. Your mother may have said the same thing to you but now you can choose to do it on your own!
  • Use the school cafeteria. You don’t have to eat at the pizza buffet or ice cream bar there. You can make a plate of colorful nutrient rich food (and since it’s probably already paid for that will keep your bank account in shape too).

Once you’ve got the nutrition thing down (and you can learn more about that here) you should consider adding exercise to the mix. Here are some excellent suggestions to do just that:

  • Your campus is probably pretty big. Start walking everywhere and don’t just do it to get somewhere. You can listen to lectures while you walk, or put your study notes into a podcast.
  • Do a dorm workout. Get yourself a set of Bowflex SelectTech 552 dumbbells and start lifting. You can do sit-ups and pushups and even planks if you really want to.
  • Get involved in intramurals. You’ll meet new people and get to play games like tag Frisbee and dodgeball. They are tons of fun and a great cardio workout!
  • Get active in a club. There are hiking clubs and swimming clubs. Even a metal detecting club could do wonders!

You don’t have to be another weight gaining college statistic. And, if you need some additional fitness tips feel free to read more.

Some Health Tips for College Students

Are you a college student? Perhaps you are experiencing a lot of problems because you are pressed for time. You feel that you are being stressed about everything from your quiz results, your upcoming tests, the wide variety of subjects that you have to pass and even your homework. On top of that, you still have to consider the amount of money that you have plus all the things that you still need to purchase for school.

Being a college student is never easy but it does not mean that you can just forget about your health. When you are unhealthy it will begin to show not only through your appearance but also through your studies. If you have been getting low grades recently it might be because you lack sleep and you have not rested for a few days or so.

Some Health Tips for College Students

There are some things that you have to remember so that you can still be a healthy and thriving college student:

  1. Even if you are going to eat out with your friends, make wise decisions.

You may think that you can just order a greasy hamburger and an extra order of fries like everybody else but the extra grease and fat that you are going to place in your system will not do you a lot of good. In fact, it will only make you feel sluggish and slow. Definitely, you do not want to feel this way when you need to be alert to study for your upcoming exams. Make wise decisions like choosing baked instead of fried and choose to eat regular meals instead of up-sized ones.

  1. Never skip your breakfast.

Probably because of some sleepless nights because of studying, you usually prepare late in the morning and as a result, you skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast has a lot of adverse effects on your health. Aside from being unable to have the amount of energy that you need throughout the day, you may also notice that you have a slower metabolism. Plus, there is a chance that you will have bad breath even if you have brushed your teeth because you have not eaten anything yet. Even a fruit can serve as your breakfast even when you are running late. Your Dash yogurt machine will also give you yogurt that you can eat for breakfast and even lunch and dinner if you please.

  1. Remember that starvation will not be enough to make you lose weight.

Social media and how “perfection” is currently defined may prompt you to make some changes with your current diet. Your main goal may be to starve yourself because you believe that not eating will give you the type of body that you have always wanted to get. If you need to lose weight, starving yourself will not work. Not only will you decrease your body’s metabolism, you will simply deprive your fat cells and they will shrink for a while. The moment that you eat again, they will fill up and will cause a big weight gain.

Aside from all of these things mentioned above, remember that the best thing that you can do is to drink water. You need to hydrate yourself so that you can be healthy.