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Things That Could Really Stress You Out in College

When you left your parent’s house to head out on your own for college, you probably had no idea what you would be facing as you entered the seemingly adult life. Sure, you might still go home to do your laundry. Or maybe to occasionally ask your parents for money, but for the most part you’re a grown up. Or at least you’d like to think of yourself that way. But, maybe you should start facing the things that could really stress you out in college.

Don’t let your roommates put on the news. Otherwise you’ll be subjected to all the doom and gloom that is the world in which we live. However, if you do, you might be given the opportunity to learn about the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. They are fighting to ensure that foreign policy and national security are top priorities for the powers that be. But that might just add to the stress we’re about to tell you about.

Things That Could Really Stress You Out in College

College is Great but it Can be Stressful

We feel pretty confident that you will enjoy your college experience. There is much to learn and discover in that time of life. You will undoubtedly realize that the things you thought you knew about life are not necessarily accurate. The truth then is that college is great but it can be stressful. So, here are some of the things you’ll need to take into consideration while you enjoy this new part of your life:

  • Weight- Surely you heard the rumors about the freshman fifteen. But if you aren’t specifically devoted to maintaining your weight, then it’s possible more than fifteen will show up on you before you are even prepared to step on the scale. And that kind of weight gain will make you stress out for sure. Read this.
  • Dating- Dating and weight gain will go hand in hand. If you are feeling overweight then you will probably not be feeling too up to dating. However, college is a great time to date different people to help you determine which kinds of individuals are the most appealing to you. There are some specific things we would tell you to avoid in the dating scene. Mostly we would tell you to abstain from sexual relationships and definitely don’t drink to excess. Learn more.
  • Work- You might find that you desire some extra spending money, or are otherwise in need of lucrative employment. Learning how to balance work and school can be particularly stressful. This is especially true if you must work in order to remain at school. This is a situation we are very familiar with as we had to work throughout our college careers.
  • Grades– If grades don’t stress you out then you will be in danger of doing poorly in school. And, since a good college education is quite key to being successful in today’s work world, we suggest you do allow achievement to be part of your stressors.

Of course, life will throw you additional stressful situations throughout your college years. No doubt you will have to deal with loss and marriage. People you know will change, just like you are, and that may make them less amenable to who you’ve become. But, don’t worry, things will all turn out in the end, especially if you learn this.

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