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A Huge List of Tips for Staying Healthy, or Getting There, in College

Maybe you entered your first year of college far surpassing the freshman fifteen. Or perhaps you’ve always been a bit of a health nut but sitting in class hour after hour is expanding your posterior. No matter the catalyst behind your desire to change, rest assured that this huge list of tips for staying healthy or, getting there, in college will get you well on the way to, you want to be.

A Huge List of Tips for Staying Healthy, or Getting There, in College

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True Health Diagnostics can probably offer you some additional help and assistance. Being overweight doesn’t just affect your pants size. It also wreaks havoc on other aspects of life. And the professionals at True Health Diagnostics make it their business to identify potential health problems early on. They can offer you expert advice for staying healthy. But in the meantime, try some of the tips on our huge list:

  • Portion size– Don’t eat too much by learning the proper portion size for your daily caloric intake and body structure. Read this.
  • Vary meals– Eating the same thing over and over again will get old, so switch it up whenever you get the chance.
  • Do eat breakfast– It’s hard to get a handle on eating breakfast regularly, but it is definitely the most important meal of the day.
  • Snack on healthy things– When you get the urge to snack, make sure that you’ve stocked the dorm with healthy things to munch on.
  • Don’t stress eat– It’s easy to stuff your face when you’re feeling stressed. Go for a walk or a jog instead.
  • Drink plenty of water– Put up all the sodas and sweet teas. Water is what you really need.
  • Add more fruits and veggies– Your mother would be proud.
  • Cut out the junk- You’ll want a candy bar every now and then and that’s fine, but seriously, cut out the junk.
  • Don’t skip meals– When you do that you mess up your metabolism. Learn more.
  • Take some vitamins– These will help your body function at optimum levels.
  • Exercise– You knew this was going to be on the list.
  • Always stretch first– Stretching helps you avoid potential injuries.
  • Go for a bike ride– Don’t take the bus or drive so much, take your bike out instead.
  • Play intramurals– Team sports are probably the best part of college life. Get involved in one or more.
  • Go to the gym– The college you attend probably has a gym that’s available to students. If you have to take a fitness class to get access, do so.
  • Does stuff with friends– Exercising with your friends always make it more enjoyable and knowing that you’ll be spending time with them can serve as the reason to be enthusiastic about going.
  • Take naps– You are going to get so tired in college, so whenever you can sneak in a nap, do it.
  • Do not work from your bed- If you do that you’ll be training your body to stay awake in bed and that will make getting decent rest harder.
  • Skip the all-nighters– It’s tempting in college, to want to cram, but that does damage to your sleep cycle and your metabolism, both of which can affect your health.
  • Wash your hands– Your classmates have germs you don’t want.
  • Don’t share drinks– Like we said, they’ve got germs you don’t want.

If this list isn’t long enough for you, you can get some more tips here.

Top Ways to Live More Affordably and Healthier During Studies

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