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The Best Parenting Magazines

Whether you became a parent during your college years or anytime thereafter, chances are you have sought out advice from more experienced people. The best parenting magazines may be hard to locate especially when you are new to that life stage. But don’t fret, we can help.

And, if you are still having a hard time preparing for your baby’s arrival, you can find gliders at Earth’s Baby Store. A glider is a key part of your nursery set up. It will provide you a comfortable resting place whenever you are feeding your new little one or rocking him/her to sleep. Plus, they offer a great spot to snuggle. But, you will certainly need more help than nursery design advice and that’s why the magazines on our list will be useful for you.

The Best Parenting Magazines

The Top 10 Magazines for Parenting

The magazines on this list are the top 10 magazines for parenting available in the United States. These results are based on reported and audited circulation numbers. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 magazines for your parenting needs:

  1. FamilyFun– As your kids mature, this magazine with a circulation of 2,211,411, will give you plenty of great ideas for fun things to do with them. There’s craft, travel, and even food ideas at your fingertips. By the way, FamilyFun is attached to Parents magazine. Learn more.
  2. Parents- This magazine has a circulation of 2,202,283, and offers advice from experts about pregnancy, family time, and life. It’s all you need in one bound publication.
  3. Babytalk– Launched in 1935, this is the US’s oldest baby focused magazine and is now owned by Parenting. You’ll get information about tracking baby talk, predicting your child’s height, and even a family health guide.
  4. American Baby– Another magazine run by Parents mag, this one has a circulation of 2,003,010. If you are seeking a magazine to help you have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, this is the one you want. They talk about everything from the first kicks in utero to the first words. Click this for more information.
  5. Parenting– Parenting is a particularly challenging aspect of adult life. This magazine claims to offer you advice and tips to make that position easier. They will walk you through all steps of your child’s development all the way from pregnancy to his/her graduation day.
  6. New Parent Magazine– This is truly a magazine for new parents and with a circulation of 1,375,000, they must be doing something right. They seek to inform, empower, educate, inspire and connect moms with other moms seeking resources, experiences, and information.
  7. Scholastic Parent & Child– Scholastic is well known for its academic bent. The magazine does not stray from that position. They claim to be the “guide to happy, confident kids.” If you have never checked this magazine out you can get more information about it here.
  8. Baby & Toddler– Though this is a lesser known magazine, with a circulation of only 1,002,454, you might find a good deal of useful stuff in its pages. Which is especially true if you are wondering about the stages of growth your baby will go through.
  9. You & Your Family– Wondering what nutrients your baby really needs? Or seeking to assess your new wee one’s physical condition? This is the publication for you.
  10. Ser Padres- This is a Spanish language parenting magazine that seeks to offer you a vast array of parenting assistance. They focus on include teaching your little love to read. And, you will find pieces on celebrities and their children.

Surely you will have discovered a magazine that’s just right for you in our list! Happy parenting.