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Best Bartending Schools and Their Importance in The Business

Contrary to popular belief, bartending is not an easy job. If you have ever done waitressing or any worked in an eatery, you know how hard restaurant service is. It all depends on your skills and professionalism. Handling a bar is not a new feat, these places have been around since the early 1700s, but of course, bartenders did not require to get a proper education at that time.

While some take up bartending jobs to make quick money others aspire to become professionals in this field. If you fall into the latter category, it is better to have some bartending training. Taking a bartending course will make you a desirable candidate for bartending jobs.

Best Bartending Schools and Their Importance in The Business

The reason why bartending classes are necessary:

  1. Know what you are working with:

A bartender handles all kinds of alcoholic beverages. Therefore, they require knowing every type of drink and its effectiveness before serving it to the customer. They cannot just mix any two drinks of their choice since every beverage contains different content. Therefore, rudimentary knowledge about drinks is necessary to become a bartender and bartending schools provide you with it along with other skills.

  1. Learn how to make drinks:

When it comes to drinks, a bartender cannot go with their guts because there’s a recipe for everything. Bartending schools are not crash courses; they teach you how to make drinks that range from a simple mocktail to the Bloody Russian.

  1. Learn straight from professionals:

If you are a newbie in bartending who think they are too cool for school then remember, without proper qualification, you will probably fade out even before you get to the bar. Why? Because a bar has loads of pricey drinks and no one tolerates a person who is not okay with his or her hands or breaks glasses while serving drinks. However, in bartending schools, you get to learn the tricks and secrets of mixing drinks straight from the pioneers of the field.

  1. Increases your value in the market:

No over-priced bar would hire an amateur bartender since it would be like setting yourself up for a loss. Every bartender must work at a dive bar at some point in their lives. However, working in a dive bar should be a temporary job because you won’t earn much from there. However, having adequate bartending experience along with relevant certification will make you eligible for the elite clubs. Moreover, attending a bartending school shows your dedication and passion towards your career.

Best bartending schools in Montreal:

Montreal is the second most populous city in Canada which is famous for its creative, eclectic, and vibrant nightlife. That is why bartenders must possess some extra skills to keep the tables full all day long. If you are an aspiring bartender who’s looking for professional bartending courses, here is a list of the four authentic schools in Montreal:

  • BartenderOne: Owned and taught by Tony Galdes and Jonathan Homier, it is Canada’s fastest growing schools in bartending. The instructors go under 132 hours of instructor training, and the course takes place in a working bar environment.
  • ITHQ Service de Bar: They offer a diploma in bartending which will come in handy. The course’s duration is eight weeks, with two five-hour classes per week. It is a part-time course so you can do it even if you have a job.
  • Master School of bartending: This one is the oldest bartending school in Canada. It offers in-depth training as well as mini workshops for bartenders. Furthermore, you can become a professional by taking the International Master Bartending Course.

Montreal School of Bartending: For $399 this school offers the Bartending Certification Program with 26 hours of classes split over 1, 2, or 4 weeks (the duration depends on the student’s choice). Besides, there are other instructive courses this school offers so make sure to check them out.